I've Moved.....

I am now blogging at www.abigailcecile.com. Hope to see you there!



 We visited a large glass conservatory filled with exotic trees, humid air, and hundreds of butterflies. We walked along the paths, referencing our handouts to identify the butterflies, wielding our camera and sketchbooks. It was a good way to spend the afternoon. 
(some of these photos were taken by my brother, Christian)


Color and Design

I started new classes in February. One of them is color and design. For a while school will be purely foundational classes, but they're amazing classes all the same. Color and Design, the name gives it away. But I'm learning to mix and match colors using gouache! A lot of the illustrators I admire use gouache. So it's a plus, I learn the concepts of color as well as learning to use the medium. It's awesome. 


Victorian Valentines

When I was little I was enchanted by an illustration of a pile of pink and red ribbon, paper, lace, and sweet little paper vignettes. The little girl in the book was making her friends and family valentines. The memory stuck with me all these years. For quite a while my sisters and I have been making these for our friends and family. I love how utterly girly these valentines are. 

To make your own you will need:

Victorian vignettes or pretty magazine clippings (I have this book).
Pretty paper
Glue (Elmers glue and a hot glue gun)
A very fine paint brush
Double sided tape
3D pop up dots (adhesive on both sides)

1. Mix the Elmers glue with water for a runnier consistency. Using your fine paint brush paint glue onto your vignette, over the areas you want sparkled. Shake the sparkles on top then turn the vignette upside down and, while firmly holding the vignette with your one hand, flick with your finger to remove excess glitter. Some good areas to sparkle on vignettes are flowers, leaves, and clothing creases.

2. Using your vignette as a guide take your pretty paper and cut out a heart. Go back over the heart with decorative scissors for a pretty edge. I like to layer two paper hearts. Add glitter around the edges.

3. Assemble your valentine! Use your double sided tape and tape the two hearts together. Take your 3D pop up dots and stick them on the back of your vignette. Stick the vignette onto the hearts. Now the vignette will be slightly raised. Take your ribbon and tie it into a bow. Using the hot glue gun stick the ribbon half way up the valentine so the loops from the bow and the ends droop nicely. Cut the ends of the ribbon into a pretty slant. 
You now have a lovely valentine to send to a friend or hang up around your house.